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A/N: To the lovely who requested a Eunhyuk fic of you being an idol who is about to debut so Eunhyuk helps you a lot but ends up falling in love with you while you have a crush on him. I sort of switched it up, I hope that’s OK. If it’s not, then let me know and I’ll rewrite it for you. Happy reading and enjoy. ^^ ☺


You were a brand new solo artist on the verge of debuting soon but you felt like you weren’t ready at all. You still needed to work on your dancing which was something you felt you needed to work on immensely. Luckily you had Eunhyuk to help you. You don’t know how that friendship started, it just happened but you can’t complain about it either because since day one he has been nothing but a good help.

If you were stuck all night in the dance studio, he would be too. If you were hungry and had to work on some songs, he would go out and bring you a buffet. If you somehow managed to sneak a quick nap before your dance practice or recording session, you would wake up in his arms or your head against his lap.

He was a good friend who you loved so much but for Eunhyuk his feelings were different. He knew you only saw him as a friend or a best friend, maybe even a brother, but his feelings towards you are that he has a crush on you.

He didn’t fall into the whole “love at first sight” trap, but more into “falling for someone’s personality”. He thought you were cute when he first saw you but he wasn’t attracted to you. When he kept running into you some more and got to know you better he realized that he liked you. A lot.

He wanted to tell you his feelings but hoping for you to start liking him once he tells you about them was making him grow afraid of losing his friendship with you, so he rather be “the guy who has a crush on a girl” while you’re just a girl under a lot of stress of debuting soon. Since you’re under a lot of stress he would always offer his help and that help right now was him helping you with dance practice.

You were laying on the floor letting the cool air hit directly at you when you heard the door open up and someone walking in. You knew that it was Eunhyuk so you didn’t bother looking up, you just raised your hand and waved. He laughed a little but quickly crossed his arms across his chest and started tapping his foot against the floor.

"Can’t I have 5 more minutes? I’m seriously tired." You complained but Eunhyuk wasn’t having it.

"Come on Y/N. You’re debuting soon. This is the time where you should really be working hard and not slacking off."

"I know but I’m sure Leeteuk gave you guys at least 5 more minutes to slack off." You said as you sat up and looked right at him. He knew what you were up to so he quickly turned around and walked straight to the stereo.

"He didn’t even give us a second to slack off. He was dead serious on debuting so now I’m going to do the same to you. Now get off your lazy butt and start dancing."

You groaned out loud and stood up. Eunhyuk started the music and as soon as he stood next to you, you and him began dancing in sync with one another. Your moves matched his, your moves were just as powerful as his, and your body seemed to flow just like his which was making you smile and grow even more energetic about your dancing.

Eunhyuk noticed as well so he would smile at you and give you slight head nods. When the song finished you quickly went towards him and gave him a hug. He froze a little but hugged you back and when you kissed his cheek he grew bright red making you grow bright red as well.

"I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. I was just excited and-"

"It’s OK. It just surprised me. But… you did great! Once you show this to everyone you’ll debut for sure." He said changing the subject quickly and making you grow grateful for it. You and Eunhyuk shared some more excitement then went back to rehearsing.


You officially debuted and you were surprised that your single quickly went to #1. You got a lot of good reviews from everyone and even though solo artists don’t get a lot of good or positive comments you were surprised that all of your seniors were looking forward on seeing more of you.

You also got the chance to go overseas and meet some of your fans and at the last minute you got invited to do an interview. You were ready for whatever question they were going to give you when they suddenly brought up dating. You weren’t dating anyone or had a crush on anyone but when they mentioned Eunhyuk you grew surprised.

You and Eunhyuk were just friends and you thought that everyone saw you two that way but apparently not. You wanted to know why someone would think that you and Eunhyuk have something going on but it was normal. When a guy or a girl are really good friends everyone tends to think that something is going on so it was a common mistake and you shrugged it off.

When you came back to Seoul and all your schedules were over you decided to stay home one day and watch tv. Super Junior was on tv and you were excited because they just had a comeback. You looked up to them and because of them you decided on following your dream and becoming an idol but Eunhyuk was one of the biggest reasons why you wanted to be who you are now. Now you couldn’t believe that you and him were good friends.

"Recently SM debuted a solo artist and she’s getting really popular, especially with the guys. Eunhyuk. What’s your opinion on that?" The interviewer asked making all of the members laugh and Eunhyuk to blush and grow red. You sat up and paid close attention.

"Why me?!" Eunhyuk said loudly. You agreed. Why him? You thought that people were curious because of your friendship with him so you thought that Eunhyuk will never get asked something about you.

"Well it’s because you like her, right?" The interviewer said making the members laugh and agree and you to grow surprised while Eunhyuk just blushed and looked down.

"I don’t like her… well I like her but not in that way. We’re just friends."

"Don’t lie you like her!" Someone yelled out.

You were growing confused. You thought Eunhyuk only thought of you as a friend, the same way you did. You thought he was attractive especially when he smiled but you weren’t in love with the guy. People thought you and him had something going on but the only something you two shared was only friendship but apparently other people saw something else.

You sat there looking at Eunhyuk blush and deny everything when you looked back at all of the moments you had with him. You had guy friends who treated you super great but none of them treated you like Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk treated you like you were the best thing that has ever happened to him and never wanted to let you go. He really did like you and because you weren’t aware of his feelings towards you, you started to feel bad.

If he told you that he likes you, you would’ve acknowledged his feelings and do something about it, but since he never told you all you could do is sit back and watch the guy who you have strong feelings for blush and deny all of his feelings towards you. And that’s where it hit you.

The reason you wanted to become an idol was because of Eunhyuk and getting the chance to thank him for everything. Those late night nights he spent with you gave you butterflies. Those random naps you took and waking up with your head on top of his lap and him smiling down at you and wishing you a good morning or evening made you smile back as well. The reason your long and lonely training days were the best ever was because of that man alone.

Those stressful days and being under pressure because any day now you were going to debut blinded you from your true feelings and you were feeling horrible about it. If Eunhyuk does like you then you and him are the same because you like him too. And you wanted him to know it, you just didn’t know how.

"We should call Y/N up and see if it’s true or not." You heard the interviewer say and you widened your eyes. This thing was happening live and you had no idea. You had to go look for your phone and check if it was charged but you had no idea where it was. You quickly jumped up and ran all over trying to look for it when you heard it ring right in between the cushions of your couch.

You let it ring one more time after releasing a sigh and finally answered the phone.


"Hello? Yes, is this Y/N?"

"Yeah this is her."

"Ah good. You’re live on tv and I’m here with the Super Junior members."

You heard them through the phone and you watched them wave at you. Even though they couldn’t see you, you waved back as well and laughed.

"Yeah I’m watching live right now."

"Oh so you know why we’re calling then."


"Good, then can you let us know what exactly is your relationship with Eunhyuk?"

You grew quiet as you watched Eunhyuk on the screen as you tried to figure out your plan. You could tell them that you and him were just friends or you could tell him your feelings, but leaving Eunhyuk to deal with his feelings and act like he’s just your friend when he really likes you seemed selfish.

"Eunhyuk and I are just friends. He’s a really good friend and I’m so thankful for him and being the bestest friend ever." You watched Eunhyuk’s face sort of drop but nod in agreement. His feelings were hurt but was pretending that he was fine.

"However my feelings towards him match his."

Everyone either gasped or were confused and had no idea what you were talking about and that included Eunhyuk.

"What are you talking about?"

"I mean that I am now aware that Eunhyuk likes me and even though I didn’t know it before I know it now, and I want to say that I like Eunhyuk too."

Eunhyuk’s face suddenly lit up and his smile grew big and bright and would not stop blushing. The members were making fun of him but you knew that the blush was because you told him that you like him too. He didn’t know what to say so the members spoke for him asking you if you’re not lying or anything but you guaranteed that you were telling the truth.

"Eunhyuk say something back."

You laughed a little as he looked around as if he was searching for his words but was still blushing when he finally looked up and laughed a little.

"Y/N. Will you go out with me? Maybe to a movie or something?" The members were cheering and telling you to say yes. You were so glad that they couldn’t see you because you were now blushing and growing red sad well.

"Yes. I’ll go out with you. I’ll wait for you at the movies." Eunhyuk was looking down waiting for your response and when he said yes his smile grew once again and would not stop smiling. You didn’t tell him which movies you were going to be at, but he didn’t have to because he knew the exact location.


You were standing outside the ticket booths waiting for him to arrive when you saw him running towards you. He didn’t want to keep you waiting so he ran all the way and managed to arrive quickly because thankfully the fans had no idea where your date was going to be at.

He stopped to catch his breath but he couldn’t catch it quickly because he was looking right at you and wouldn’t stop smiling. You were looking up at him as well but neither of you said anything so you started to laugh.

"We shouldn’t be awkward. Why are we being awkward?"

"I don’t know" you said. "Especially since this is the place where we promised that we wouldn’t be weird with each other if anything were to happen."

"Now something huge has happened."

"Now something huge has happened." You agreed but smiled. "A good huge right?"

"A good huge." He answered back and smiled as well. He stepped forward taking your hands in his when you started to blush and somewhat move back as if avoiding whatever was going to happen next. He looked down at you and smiled and quickly kissed your forehead.

"What was that for?"

"Trying to seal our promise."

"What promise?" You asked when he laughed and stepped back.

"The promise where we are not going to be awkward with each other. Let’s just see it as friends on a date and when time passes by we’ll share our first kiss and everything else."

You blushed at the first kiss thing but then you thought of something.
“But we’re both idols now. We won’t be able to see each other a lot and who knows when we’ll share our first kiss.”

"I’ve liked you for a real long time I think I can handle a few months maybe weeks without seeing you but if you really want I can kiss you right now."

You blushed again but you and him did promise each other that you and him wouldn’t be awkward so you stepped forward, tiptoed a little, and pecked him lightly on the lips surprising him a lot. You giggled a little then started to walk away as you left Eunhyuk dumbfounded.

"Aren’t you coming?"

"What was that?! I wasn’t ready! Hurry up and kiss me again!"

"Don’t worry we have all the time in the world to kiss again." You were teasing him but Eunhyuk wasn’t having it. You were going up to buy the tickets but even though this was your first date you were hoping that Eunhyuk would kiss you at the end officially claiming you as his.

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Anonymous: I was gonna request this for a scenario but 1. your requests aren't open and 2. I feel it would be too short for a scenario. So basically how would heechul react or do if his gf's parents walked in on them you know;) ?

Oh I’m sorry requests are closed. I’m the worst person when it comes to requests. Now that you mention it, it does seem like it will be a super short thing unless you want the whole smut part detailed and stuff but I’m horrible with smut and since I’m lacking creativity I’m afraid I will disappoint.

Anyway since it’s Heechul and you doing “the dirty” I think it could go different ways on how he will react. Here’s the main one on what I think it would happen:

you and him end up on your parents bed because let’s face it, your bed is too small and your parent’s bed is big and it will be fun just rolling around on top of it and never falling down. Your parents come home but you two don’t hear anything because you two are right in the middle of it. They open the door and find the two of you, where your parents gasp out loud scaring both you and Heechul away from each other and trying to cover up, or at least you will. Heechul will just stay in bed only covering up his bottom half and laugh in embarrassment. You will try to talk to your parents but they’re too shocked while Heechul I feel will talk to them as well but probably make things worse because he’s telling them that “it’s part of human nature and these things happen all the time” and everything is a mess.

That’s what I think would happen. The other one would be where the two of you deny everything and whatnot but I think Heechul will definitely not deny, he’ll just straight up be truthful but still let your parents know that the two of you are being safe and you guys are not at it every 24 hours. You guys talk and stuff and respect each other.

Sorry I responded with a long answer I hope it’s OK, if it’s not I’m sorry it’s mostly on what I think would happen so your opinion will be different than mine I guess but thank you for asking anyway. ^^ I hope you have a lovely great day and if you want, let me know on what you think will happen. ^^ ☺💗💞💘👋✌

Anonymous: Hehe! That's good! -Exo anon

Yeah it is good. ^^ Haha I’ll be more open minded with exo now. When their new video is out I’ll give it a chance. ^^ ☺💗💞💘👋✌

Anonymous: The drama version is alright! But wolf is just A-mazing! Watch them! Growl they're both good!! Enjoy -Exo anon

Oh Haha ok. Well I finally watched them. Sorry it took me forever to watch them I think it just slipped my mind. Anyways, I think it was growl?, it was actually the first exo video I’ve seen. I was watching it and I was like wait I’ve seen this before. The song is really catchy and everything and I think my brother liked it because he was actually watching some of it and not saying anything which it’s good I guess. The wolf one was interesting because they actually turned into wolves and stuff and I was all Oh hey that’s cool. So I guess overall they were both entertaining, I think it’s just going to take me a while to listen to them some more and like them and stuff but it was fun. Haha thank you for recommending them to me by the way. I hope your day is lovely. ^^ ☺💗💞💘👋✌ And sorry for the long reply.

Anonymous: Is the ask box open? If it is can I send my request?

The ask box is always open but requests are not I’m sorry. I’m actually thinking of posting an announcement up regarding requests so please be on the look out for that. Have a lovely day. ^^ ☺💗💞💘👋✌

Anonymous: It's ok! So not to be a bother but did you like wolf and growl of exo? -exo anon

😱OMG I’m so sorry I totally forgot to watch it ahh I’m the worst. I’ll definitely watch it now. But there’s two versions for the two videos right? Should I watch all of the versions or what do you recommend?

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