SuJu Anonymous
Super Junior fluffy and sometimes smutty stories, oneshots, scenarios, or fanfics. Feel free to request or submit anything you like. Enjoy your stay. ^^
Ask box is ALWAYS open.
SuJu Anonymous
Super Junior fluffy and sometimes smutty stories, oneshots, scenarios, or fanfics. Feel free to request or submit anything you like. Enjoy your stay. ^^
Ask box is ALWAYS open.

A/N: To the lovely anon who requested you and Kyuhyun going to play Q-zar (I had to Google what that was lol I’m dumb) or laser tag together. I hope you like it. If not let me know. Also I know the gifs are of him in Mama Mia but just pretend that he’s in laser tag. Enjoy ^^

"So where are we going?" You asked as Kyuhyun was holding your hand and leading you to a suspicious looking building. If it was someone else you wouldn’t even get near the building but since it was Kyuhyun and you trusted him you walked with him.

"Its a surprise." He said squeezing your hand and giving you a reassuring smile.

"What kind of surprise and building has no windows?" You mumbled out and Kyuhyun laughed pressing a kiss on the side of your head.

"Stop worrying and just trust me."

"Fine. I trust you."

The two of you walked in the building when you noticed that inside was dark but filled with glow in the dark stuff. Kyuhyun talked with the person behind the front desk as you looked around. You heard noises and sirens going off when you realized that you two were going to play some laser tag.

"Did you bring us to laser tag?" You asked and he smiled.

"Surprise!" He said lifting his hands up a little and moving them as if doing jazz hands. "Do you like it?" He asked when he noticed your small frown. "So you don’t like it?"

"No its not that. Its just I never played laser tag before."

"You never played before?" He asked with a gasp and you nodded. He suddenly grabbed your hand and pulled you away to a small room. "You’re missing out. Come on lets go get set up." He added and the two of you ended up in the equipment room.

"So how do you play?" You asked as the two of you were set up and just stood outside the door looking around.

"Well we’re the blue team and the other team is the red team and you want to shoot as many of the red team as possible so we can win. If you get hit or you hit someone they’re dead. And thats about it I guess."

"Ok then I think I get it." You said after he explained the rules and Kyuhyun smiled.

"Oh and one more thing." He started. You thought that he was going to tell you to have fun or good luck but instead he said "Shoot like this" and randomly without looking, shot at a kid from the red team. You grew surprised, Kyuhyun only smirked and took your hand.

The two of you decided to stick together since it was your first time, and since Kyuhyun didn’t trust anyone to be in his team he decided to have you by his side instead. The two of you were hiding behind a barrier when you noticed a group of red team members huddled up and no doubt planning a strategy. You shook Kyuhyun to look towards where you were pointing at and when he noticed he gave you a smile.

He suddenly pointed into his eyes and then into yours as if giving you a signal then he rolled away to hide behind another barrier. You only looked at him amused and not believing that he actually did that. When he looked back at you he saw you quietly laughing to yourself and quickly started moving his arms to get your attention. When you looked up at him he motioned for you to come and you quietly and quickly ran towards him.

"Why were you laughing?" He whispered and you quietly started laughing.

"Because I didn’t expect you to roll around." He was going to say something back but the huddled red team started to move and the two of you grew quiet. The two of you peeked up behind the barrier and then suddenly the two of you started shooting at them making the red team groan out and "drop dead."

"Oh my god yes we did it!" You cheered as Kyuhyun cheered as well when suddenly another group of red team members showed up and started shooting at the two of you. The two of you ducked and Kyuhyun took your hand to lead you into another room.

You were next to Kyuhyun hiding behind a wall when he peeked to check if the coast was clear, and when it was he gave you a small nod and started rolling away to hide behind a small barrier.

"Kyuhyun will you stop rolling? You’re going to get yourself killed like that." You said out loud as you walked towards the direction he rolled into. He grabbed your hand and pulled you down shushing you.

"No I won’t. Besides I’m in character."

"What character?" You asked raising your eyebrow at him as he peeked to check if someone was coming.

"You know. A spy or a soldier."

"Then what am I?"

"My crazy hot girlfriend and sidekick." You laughed a little then rolled your eyes at him. You smacked his arm to get his attention and when he turned to look back at you, you smiled.

"Want me to be the sacrificial lamb and call out the red team?" You asked and he gasped a little.

"Don’t do that."

"Well clearly me and you are the only ones who are left. Everybody else is dead. So lets do it." Kyuhyun’s hand suddenly went to your face and made a "fake crying" face.

"What if they kill you? I can’t live without you." He said "crying" and you smiled. You then leaned forward and give him a quick peck and quickly get up to stand in the middle of the room and start calling out the red team. Kyuhyun watched as  you yelled out for the red team to get you and how you were the only one left when about 9 red team members showed up.

He widened his eyes quickly figuring out that you weren’t going to make it when you put your hands up as if surrendering. You couldn’t believe that the red team didn’t start shooting at you right away and one of them, probably the leader, started giving a speech. It was all like a movie scene and you wanted to laugh at how these guys took the game seriously but you had to be serious as well.

"Are you sure you’re alone?" One of them asked when you noticed that Kyuhyun was hiding behind the leader. "I would’ve sworn that you were with someone."

"No its just me. The idiot started rolling around and got shot at when I told him not to." You said and you wanted to laugh when you saw Kyuhyun open up his mouth as if doing a "awgh how dare you?" face.

"Rookie." The red team members added and you somewhat snorted when Kyuhyun looked offended and pretended to choke the leader. You smiled and what happened next was definitely from a movie.

Kyuhyun grabbed the leader pointing his gun right at him and the members looked scared not knowing what to do. When the leader yelled shoot both you and Kyuhyun started shooting at everyone who tried to shoot at the two of you as well. When you noticed that everyone was on the floor you grinned and started to cheer as you and Kyuhyun just won the game all by yourselves. But Kyuhyun wasn’t around.


"I’m right here." He said. When you turned around and saw him on the floor you quickly went to him.

"What’s wrong?"

"I got hit. But I’m so proud of you. You killed them all. But I’m sorry that I didn’t make it with you. I love you." He said dramatically and you snorted as you started to laugh and hit his chest.

"Would you quit. You’re not hit." Kyuhyun snorted as well and laughed sitting up and pulling you next to him.

"Fine. I’ll stop. But you gotta admit that it was fun."

"Fine it was fun. But man do you guys take laser tag seriously." Kyuhyun laughed and pressed a kiss to your temple resting his head against yours.

"So you won’t come back to do it again?" He asked and you thought about it.

"Maybe. But without the dramatics or you rolling around. I can’t take you seriously." Kyuhyun laughed and kissed you resting his head against yours again.

"Ok fine. Deal." He leaned down to kiss your lips but you pulled back and shook your head.

"Not in front of these guys." You added and Kyuhyun looked around when he finally realized that you two were not alone and laughed.

"Right. Lets go." He said getting up and taking your hand in his. It was safe to say that you had a fun day with him.

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